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Drake's Naturally Extracted Tobacco E-Liquid

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Drake's NET Naturally Extracted Tobacco E-Liquid

Established in 2014, Drake’s is a distinguished UK-based creator of the highest-quality Naturally Extracted Tobacco (NET) E-liquids in the industry. We present a vast array of tobacco mixtures, sourced from diverse regions globally.

By 2015, we began procuring raw tobacco from different parts of the world. Over the subsequent 8 years, we've honed our cold maceration technique, handpicking only top-grade, organically cultivated tobacco leaves for our collection. Our method involves a meticulous 8-16 week cold maceration process with select tobacco types, procured from elite global tobacco cultivators.

Throughout crafting, we strictly avoid adding synthetic flavours, letting each tobacco leaf naturally enhance its distinct aroma and taste. This ensures every leaf matures its unique flavour profile. Our e-liquids come in blends of 50:50 and offer nicotine strengths of 18 mg, 12 mg, 6 mg, 3 mg, and 0 mg, adhering to TPD regulations. Importantly, every Drake’s tobacco undergoes rigorous laboratory analysis to ensure it's devoid of detrimental substances, including Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl. This assures consumers of the utmost purity in our final product. Each of our NET Tobacco E-liquids has undergone comprehensive testing for quality assurance.

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