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Mouth to Lung Tanks

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Mouth to Lung Vape Tanks (MTL): An In-depth Look

Understanding Mouth-to-Lung Vaping

In the vast universe of vaping, there are several methods to savour your e-liquid, but none are quite as classic or authentic as Mouth to Lung (MTL) vaping. This technique, reminiscent of drawing on a traditional cigarette, involves first inhaling vapour into the mouth and then down to the lungs. It's a method favoured by many, particularly those transitioning from conventional smoking, as it closely replicates the sensation they're accustomed to.

The Role of MTL Tanks

The crucial component enabling this authentic experience is the MTL vape tank. Engineered specifically for this type of vaping, these tanks typically have a tighter draw resistance and are designed to function optimally with higher nicotine strengths or nicotine salt e-liquids. The combination of these features makes MTL vaping particularly satisfying, especially for those seeking a significant nicotine hit.

Key Features of MTL Tanks

  • Restricted Airflow: A hallmark feature of MTL tanks is their restricted airflow, which closely mimics the sensation of smoking a traditional cigarette. This tighter draw is a cornerstone of the MTL experience.

  • Higher Resistance Coils: MTL tanks generally utilize coils with a resistance over 1 ohm. This ensures cooler and more controlled vapour production, tailored for the mouth-to-lung style.

  • Optimal with Certain E-Liquids: These tanks shine when paired with higher PG e-liquids, which are thinner and offer a stronger throat hit. They're also well-suited for nicotine salts, which deliver higher nicotine levels smoothly.

Leading Brands in MTL Tanks

In the world of MTL tanks, several brands have etched their mark, continually pushing the envelope with innovative designs and top-notch performance. Some of the standout brands stocked include:

  • Hellvape: Renowned for their precision-engineered products, Hellvape offers MTL tanks that are both aesthetically pleasing and performance-oriented. Their attention to detail ensures a top-tier MTL experience.

  • Voopoo: A brand synonymous with quality and innovation, Voopoo’s MTL tanks stand out for their exceptional build quality and advanced coil systems. They offer both durability and a sublime vaping experience.

  • Aspire A veteran in the vaping industry, Aspire’s MTL tanks are revered for their reliability and consistent performance. Their extensive range caters to both beginners and seasoned vapers.

  • Innokin: With a rich history of pioneering vaping products, Innokin’s MTL tanks are a blend of sleek design and cutting-edge technology. Their tanks are trusted by vapers globally for their unmatched flavour delivery.

Mouth-to-lung vape tanks offer a unique and satisfying vaping experience, especially for those seeking an authentic replication of traditional smoking. With industry giants like Hellvape, Voopoo, Aspire, and Innokin consistently innovating, vapers are spoilt for choice when it comes to high-quality MTL tanks. Whether you're new to vaping or a seasoned enthusiast, exploring the world of MTL vaping promises a journey of rich flavours and unparalleled satisfaction.

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