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Sub Ohm Tanks

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Sub Ohm Vape Tanks: A Deep Dive into High-Performance Vaping

Introduction to Sub Ohm Vaping

For those who crave thick vapour clouds and intensified flavors, sub-ohm vaping stands as the pinnacle of the vaping experience. Distinct from the restricted draw of Mouth to Lung (MTL) tanks, sub-ohm tanks are engineered to handle lower resistance coils, usually below 1 ohm, hence the term 'sub ohm'. This allows for a greater volume of e-liquid to be vaporized, resulting in those massive, satisfying clouds.

Characteristics of Sub Ohm Tanks

  • Enhanced Airflow: The increased airflow in sub-ohm tanks ensures that more air circulates through the coil, producing cooler, larger vapour clouds.

  • Lower Resistance Coils: Operating below 1 ohm, these coils heat up faster and at higher temperatures, producing intense flavours and vapor.

  • High-Wattage Devices: Sub-ohm tanks often require mods that can deliver higher wattages to produce the desired vapour and flavour outcomes.

  • VG Dominant E-Liquids: To make the most out of sub-ohm vaping, vapers tend to opt for e-liquids with a higher Vegetable Glycerin (VG) ratio due to their thicker consistency and sweeter taste.

Top Brands in the Sub Ohm Market

The sub-ohm sector brims with innovation and quality, and a few brands have notably risen to the forefront:

  • Voopoo: Synonymous with cutting-edge technology, Voopoo consistently rolls out sub-ohm tanks that combine aesthetics with functionality, giving vapers an unrivalled experience.

  • Geekvape: A brand esteemed for its resilient products, Geekvape’s sub-ohm tanks are rugged, durable, and built for cloud chasers.

  • HorizonTech: With a reputation for creating some of the crispest flavours in the sub-ohm realm, HorizonTech tanks are a must-try for flavour enthusiasts.

  • Hellvape: Apart from their top-notch MTL offerings, Hellvape's sub-ohm tanks are lauded for their intricate design and performance, aligning with vapers' high standards.

  • Innokin: Balancing tradition with innovation, Innokin's sub-ohm offerings are both reliable and forward-thinking, cementing their place in the hearts of many vapers.

  • Vaporesso: With a commitment to excellence, Vaporesso's tanks are a blend of sophisticated design and top-tier performance, ensuring a sublime vaping journey.

Sub-ohm vaping offers an unparalleled experience for those chasing dense vapour clouds and potent flavours. With powerhouses like Voopoo, Geekvape, HorizonTech, Hellvape, Innokin, and Vaporesso leading the charge, the world of sub-ohm vaping continues to evolve, presenting enthusiasts with better and more efficient ways to enjoy their favourite e-liquids. Whether you're a seasoned vaper or someone looking to step up from MTL vaping, sub-ohm tanks promise a world of intense satisfaction and robust flavours.

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