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Replacement Vape Coils at Drake's Vapes

At the heart of every vaping device is the vape coil – a pivotal component that significantly influences your vaping experience. Vape coils serve as the heating element, tasked with the vital function of heating the E-liquid, transforming it into the rich vapour that vapers seek. As with all things, coils have a lifespan, and their longevity often hinges on the type of E-liquid you prefer.


Generally, the essence of a vape coil's life can be linked to the sweetness of your E-liquid. Sweet, dessert-like flavours, such as sugar doughnuts, tend to expedite the wear of coils compared to simpler flavours like basic mint. This isn't a drawback of sweet flavours but rather an inherent characteristic.

Recognising a coil past its prime is straightforward — a decline in flavour quality, often manifesting as a burnt or unpleasant taste, is a telltale sign.

At Drake's Vapes, we understand the importance of a quality coil and its impact on the vaping experience. Thus, we have amassed an extensive collection of replacement coils from industry-leading brands. Whether you prefer mouth to lung vapes for that tight, cigarette-like draw, or the intense cloud production of direct to lung sub-ohm vapes, we've got you covered.

The process of coil replacement is designed to be hassle-free.

Simply unscrew the spent coil and introduce a fresh one to rejuvenate your vaping experience.

Regular coil maintenance ensures a consistent, flavourful, and satisfying vape session every time. Trust Drake's Vapes to provide you with premium quality replacement coils, ensuring your vaping moments remain uncompromised. Dive into our range, find your fit, and let us elevate your vaping journey one coil at a time.

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