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Tobacco Fusions

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100% Authentic Natural Organic Ingredients

Introducing Drake's Tobacco Fusions range, the perfect combination of 100% natural tobacco extracts and delicious fruit, spice and drink extracts that will tantalize your taste buds. Each 50ml e-liquid is carefully crafted to bring you unique and exciting flavours, with each blend being cold macerated and hand filtered to a 5-micron standard, then steeped for 8 weeks to ensure maximum flavour and smoothness.

Real Coffee, Peppermint, Rum, Whiskey,
Apple, Mango, Cherry, and Maple Extracts

At Drake's, we are committed to using only the finest natural ingredients, ensuring that you get an authentic taste experience with every puff. Our extracts are derived from the freshest fruits, spices and drinks, and are expertly blended with our 100% naturally extracted tobacco, to create a range of unforgettable e-liquids.

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